Perfume 5

What started as a dream soon resonated

with so many different achievements

around the world. Indeed, Royal Rose

was launched in July 2019 in The Netherlands

upon the inspiration of its founder

Mohammed Al Keft , who aimed,

through genuine aspiration and

conviction to transform the world of

perfumes into an exquisite journey where

customers’ satisfaction is paramount‘

Our aspiration and dedication fuel our aim to succeed. Royal Rose has already launched nine branches in Lebanon, obtained a Master Franchising in Europe, cooperated with many French companies, and will soon launch two branches in Syria and Egypt.

And in the end of 2019 Mr. Mohammad Alkeft who has a 20 years of great experience in perfume industry started the first branch in Europe in the Netherlands and he became our exclusive agent in Europe


To become leaders in the production of
perfumes by introducing exceptional products
at affordable prices while preserving the
highest levels of professionalism.
To promote customers’ satisfaction and
well-being by working with leading designers
and perfume connoisseurs around the world.

To provide an assortment of fragrances and
essences that accommodate the values and
lifestyle of every man and woman locally and


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